Verizon’s $4.5 Billion Bid For Yahoo A Bold Move, Financial Professional Says

Todd Katz

While not quite rising to the level of “monopoly,” Verizon’s June 2017 acquisition of Yahoo for $4.5 billion is a big deal. According to the Associated Press, the move ends Yahoo’s 21-year stint as a publicly-traded company , sees the ouster of CEO Marissa Mayer with a considerable severance package and could cost approximately 2,00 workers their jobs. What’s more, the email, sports and news departments of Yahoo will now fall under the direction of Tim Armstrong. Armstrong, a top AOL official, will head a department consisting of both AOL and Yahoo services, according to the report. Per the Associated Press, the move on Verizon’s behalf is intended to compete with the digital advertising sector that Google and Facebook are reaping the rewards of.

When it comes to mergers and acquisitions such as this, Todd Katz of Quest Integrity can comment with confidence. That’s because he spent nearly three years with a national banking company as its director of healthcare mergers and acquisitions group. Specifically, Katz managed teams of bankers, attorneys and clients who executed a wide variety of acquisitions, mergers, divestitures and spin-offs. As team leader and contributor to all aspects of business origination, Katz helped earn the national banking institution some $34 million in revenue.

According to the Associated Press, Yahoo’s advertising revenue had been on the decline for years. With Verizon now at the helm of the operation, it’s up to fresh faces to see the trend reversed. This is what’s at the heart of mergers and acquisitions, says Katz. Whether it’s a private company selling itself off to a publicly-traded one or –as it is in this case — vice versa, bold business moves is what it takes to profit in a global economy. Todd Katz, whose decades of professional financial sector experience, says that this recent move by Verizon should give Google and other major Internet service providers a run for their money.

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