Study’s Sobering Outlook On Worker Morale Can Be Improved, Todd Katz Says

If you consider your job “just a job,” then you’re in good company – it’s just a shame you don’t feel that way about the actual company you work for. According to a September 2017 Business Management Daily article, more than half of American workers view their employment as the one and only way to make financial ends meet. That’s according to a recent Career Builder survey that found 74 percent of respondents see their employment not as a career, but a way to pay the bills. The survey reached out to 3,462 full-time employees in the U.S. to gauge their opinions on work. After the need to keep the lights on at home, 41 percent of those contact said they work their current job because of a good commute. The third most popular reason for staying at the job they currently have is because of the need for health insurance. Overall, the Business Management Daily article states that three in 10 workers surveyed said they “merely tolerate or outright hate their jobs.”

All told, Todd Katz of Quest Integrity says that this survey paints a sobering portrait of the American workforce.  As a hands-on chief financial officer of a global pipeline inspection company, Todd Katz’s time with Quest Integrity was both rewarding and educational. During his time at the company, Todd led the firm through record employee growth and to revenue totaling $75 million by the time he departed in 2016. While Todd Katz was certainly hands-on at Quest Integrity, he also worked closely with fellow employees in this role and while with former employers. Entrusted with providing leadership across all financial functions at the company,  he helped ensure the financial health of the company and how to balance such health with the needs of employees for a meaningful and rewarding work experience.

That’s why he feels so strongly about the Business Management Daily article; it takes time to foster relationships with employees, but the payoff is usually a profitable company and proud workforce. Before his eight years with Quest  Integrity, Todd Katz was a Director of healthcare mergers and acquisitions for Merrill Lynch in San Francisco. While there, he also led and managed teams of bankers, attorneys and clients to execute various strategic M&A transactions and to enhance the firm’s business origination efforts. It’s this level of focus and respect for fellow workers that helped the firm work more collaboratively and productively as a team and ultimately earn more business.

We can’t control the job market and sometimes, any job offer will fit the bill. However, Todd Katz of Quest Integrity says that those in a position to improve morale, workload and tasks should work hard to do so. After all, do you want employees simply showing up to punch a timecard or truly contributing to the culture you’ve worked so hard develop?

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